Students Management

Learn how to add student accounts, edit them, remove them, move them to another group or edit their permissions.

Adding a Student Account

Adding a student account is done by importing a list of accounts, manually filling out a form, or by allowing students to create their own accounts.


Refer to the page Account creation by import to learn how to create accounts by importing Excel or CSV files.

Manual addition

From the Students tab or from the Group summary, click the Add Student button and fill in the fields of the form that appears. This is the best method for occasionally adding a single student.


If you already have your groups, here are the steps to follow so that your students can create their accounts on their own:

  1. Provide them with their school’s Custom URL and Signup code, together with the name of their teacher and their school.
  2. Have your students access the Login page using the school’s Custom URL.
  3. Students have two options:
    A. To create a Typing Pal account, ask them to click on the Create an account link at the bottom of the page.
    B. To create an account using a single sign-on service, ask them to click on the Google, Office 365 or Clever Log in button. Once they’ve logged in, they’ll need to click No to indicate that they don’t have a Typing Pal account.
  4. In the form that appears, ask them to fill in all the fields, including the Signup code, and to carefully select their teacher and group.

Note — Students who create their account directly using Google, Office 365 or Clever will not have specific login information for Typing Pal (username and password).

Editing or Removing a Student Account

The information for the account appears in the Student summary. Click the Edit button to update the student’s account information or change the password.

To remove the student, select his or her account from the list of students or display the account summary, and then select the remove option from the menu of the More button.

Warning — Removing a student account permanently deletes all personal information and the results associated with that account. This operation cannot be undone.

Moving a Student Account from One Group to Another

Moving a student can be done in two different ways:

  • Do an update by using the import feature. This is the most efficient way to move multiple student accounts between groups in one operation.
  • Select the account you want to move from the Students tab or by displaying its summary, and then choose the Move option in the menu of the More button.

Note — Only a super administrator can move a student account to a group belonging to another school within the same subscription. This operation can only be performed from the admin interface and not with the Update by Import feature.

Editing Student Permissions

Granting access to games

By default, when a new group is created, all students in the group have access to the games.

Disable this option for existing groups by unchecking the option Allow students to access games in the group’s Configuration panel.

Changing a password

By default, when a new group is created, the students in the group cannot modify their password on their own.

Enable this feature for existing groups by checking the option Allow students to modify their password in the group’s Configuration panel.

Automatic Deletion of Inactive Accounts

By default, student accounts are automatically deleted at the end of the school year (June 30) following the school year during which the accounts were last used. This feature improves data security and privacy, in addition to simplifying the management of obsolete accounts.

The super administrator is the only user who can disable the automatic deletion process by unchecking the Allow automatic deletion of inactive accounts box from the Details panel of the Subscription summary.

Note — A student only needs to log in once for the account to be considered active until the end of the next school year.