Exercises and Tests

The exercises have been designed to introduce new keys gradually, repeating them often at the outset, then alternating with other keys that have already appeared in previous exercises.

Words, composed solely of letters already practiced, are then introduced randomly to more closely represent real-world typing. The tests at the end of each step are structured similarly to the exercises, focusing mainly on the keys practiced during the step.

The final steps are dedicated to one type of exercise: drills. In these activities, students type some of the most common character sequences in English multiple times. This helps develop muscle memory and makes typing even quicker and more efficient.

As for the tests at the end of the Final step, they consist entirely of texts.

Exercise Words Test Drill Timed Test Final Test

Accessing the Exercises and Tests

To set the order of the exercises and tests and to determine which will be available, go to the Activities tab.

Tip — Click the Try it button to the right of an activity to display the specific targets to be reached and to assess its level of difficulty.

Order of Exercises and Tests

The order of the exercises and tests is determined by the following two options:

  • The recommended order— Students must complete an exercise before they can move on to the next.
  • Any order — Students can practice with any exercise, even if they decide to skip several.

Locking Exercises and Tests

To prevent students from doing an exercise or test before the time is right, lock it by deselecting it in the list of the Activities tab. A gray padlock will then be displayed with that exercise or test in the student account interface.

Progress Monitoring

To follow each student’s progress, open their record and look at the Exercises tab. You will see the status of their activities in their training program.