Signup Code

Students can enter this code when allowed to self-register and create their own accounts. In this way, you can delegate the task of creating student accounts to the students, themselves. The Signup code is displayed on both the Teacher Summary screen and the School Summary screen but can only be edited by an administrator from the latter.

Subscription Code

This code acts as a subscription ID. It consists of 11 characters and always begins with TTP, followed by four letters and four numbers (e.g. TTP-ACDB-4213). Together with a password, it allows the super administrator to log in to their account. The Subscription code is displayed in the Subscription Summary and in the School Summary.

School Code

This code acts as a school’s unique identifier. It allows administrators, teachers or students to identify their school and connect to their account. It consists of eight alphanumeric characters (e.g. DS22JKYM). If one exists for a school, it is displayed in the School Summary and in the Teacher Summary.

Warning — The custom URL subdomain replaces the School Code for all school accounts created after July 4, 2016.