Teachers Management

Managing teacher accounts can only be done by a super administrator or a school administrator.

Adding a Teacher

Adding a teacher can be done in two different ways:

  • From the Import tab, import a CSV or Excel file containing all the settings.
  • From the Teachers tab, click the Add a teacher button and fill in the fields of the form that appears.

Editing or Deleting a Teacher Account

The information for the account appears in the Teacher summary. Click the Edit button to update the teacher’s account information or change the password.

To delete the teacher, select his or her account from the list of teachers or display the account summary, and then select the delete option from the menu of the More button.

Note — After a deletion, one or more groups may no longer have an assigned teacher. If this happens, go to the Group summary to choose another teacher to assign to the group.

Editing a Teacher’s Access Permissions

An administrator can determine whether a teacher can access all groups in a school or only his or her own groups. Choose the appropriate option in the Add Teacher form.

For an existing teacher, edit the group access permissions from the Access panel in the Teacher summary.