Achievements Panel

Students will be able to access the brand-new achievements panel at any time from their avatar, allowing them to quickly check how far they have come. It will show them a new achievement level, badges collected and stars won, as well as their average speed and accuracy.

Achievement Level

The achievement level takes into account the number of activities completed and the quality of the results, combined into a single percentage. An activity successfully completed within the allotted time is therefore worth double the percentage points of one completed with typing errors.

Average Speed and Accuracy

Average speed and accuracy are displayed in the achievements panel, and are calculated based on all results. However, these statistics do not take into account the filters and activity types selected in the student's activity log.


Students collect badges by completing all activities and exploring all that Typing Pal has to offer. The percentage indicates how many have been collected compared with how many are available.


Students win stars by completing an activity within the allotted time and with no errors. By aiming to achieve as many stars as possible, students develop the ability to type accurately and without errors, while also raising their achievement level.


All the elements in the achievements panel are also shortcuts to the activity log or the list of badges.