Group Management

Groups are made up of a set of student accounts, usually students belonging to the same class. A group can only be assigned to one teacher, but a teacher can access and manage several groups.

Note — One or more of these management functions may be disabled for teacher accounts if permissions have been revoked by an administrator. In such cases, the function will appear greyed out in the interface and the name of the administrator responsible will be displayed when the cursor is held over it.

Adding a Group

Adding a group can be done in two different ways:

  • From the Groups tab, click the Add group button and fill in the fields of the form.
  • From the Import tab, import a CSV or Excel file containing all the accounts associated with the groups you want to create.

Editing a Group

The Targets and Grades are part of the group’s settings which are explained in the Training chapter.

Otherwise, in the Group summary, click the Edit button to update the group’s general information:

  • Group name — The name serves to identify the group.
  • Description — The optional description specifies the nature of the group.
  • Assigned teacher — Each group is assigned a teacher to whom an administrator has delegated management responsibilities.
  • Welcome message to students — The teacher can write a personalized message that will appear on the students’ homepage when they log in to their account.

Group Settings

Click or press on the Edit button to customize the various group settings:

  • Interface appearance
    • Light
    • Dark
    • System value
    • Student’s choice
  • Age group
    • 6–11 years
    • 12–16 years
    • 17 years or older
  • Allow students to access games
  • Allow students to access practice texts
  • Allow students to access improvement activities
  • Allow students to change their password
  • Allow students to view video replay
  • Allow students to activate sound effects
  • Manage display options for activities

Removing a Group

To remove a group, select its account from the list of groups or display the Group summary, and then select the delete option from the menu of the More button.

If the group contains student accounts, a pop-up window will offer you the choice of removing them or moving them to another group. Select the appropriate option, and then click Delete to remove the group.

Live Supervision

See your students’ activity in real time from the dynamic dashboard that shows all student accounts in the Group summary.

In this dynamic dashboard, each tile represents a student’s account and shows its status (Online or Offline) and the activity currently being worked on, if any.

By default, the tiles of all student accounts are displayed. You can filter them by status by selecting Online or Offline in the top right corner of the dashboard.