General Navigation

The interface’s general navigation layout is the same for all managers (super administrators, school administrators and teachers).

  1. Typing Pal logo — Select the Typing Pal logo to go to your account’s homepage.
  2. Breadcrumb trail — Quickly pinpoint the displayed page’s location within the tree view and browse the thread to navigate the directories.
  3. Global search — Type a name in the global search field and see the list of relevant results appear as you type.
  4. Identifier — Select the identifier to access your settings or log out.
  5. Tabs — Navigate through the tabs to access the different sections of each admin level.
  6. Summary — Edit the information and preferences contained in the summary.

List Navigation

The navigation layout for lists is the same in the Schools, Teachers, Groups and Students tabs.

  1. Accounts — Select the names of the schools, teachers, groups or students contained in the list to access them.
  2. Headings — Sort the items in ascending or descending order by selecting the column headings.
  3. Filters — Select the Filter list button to display the search box and filters, and then select any that are required.
  4. Add — Directly access forms allowing you to create schools, teachers, groups or students.
  5. More — Access all possible options relating to the selected items.
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