TypingPal —
School Edition

A Quick and Simple Method
for Learning How to Type

About Typing Pal

Typing Pal is a fun way to help your students learn or perfect their keyboarding technique. What’s more, it provides powerful tools to manage your user accounts and customize the training program.


Common Sense Education

Typing Pal is a valuable tool for students to learn typing and keyboarding skills;

its three environment levels and customizable texts keep learning relevant to students' classes and skill levels.

For All Grade Levels

Choose from one of three learning environments for a visual backdrop and practice texts perfectly suited to your group.

Comprehensive and Personalized Training

  • A Variety of Exercises
    Watch your students gradually perfect their technique with the help of predefined exercises.
  • Skill-enhancing Activities
    Use Typing Pal’s algorithm to provide activities tailored to each student’s specific needs.
  • Collections of Texts
    Easily add new texts to create original content relevant to your program.
  • Multiple Tests
    Gauge your students’ skill level with the initial test and follow their progress with the help of timed tests.

Educational Games

Games lighten the learning process and allow your students to have fun as they practise on different areas of the keyboard. You can choose to block access to them if, for example, you choose to use them as a reward for reaching a new milestone.

Easy School and Home Access

Like your students, you too can access your account from any PC, Mac, Chromebook or iPad connected to the Internet.

Custom URL

Create a custom URL bearing your school’s name, such as https://my-school.typingpal.com.

One-click Login

via a Google or Office 365 account.

Enhanced Motivational Tools

  • Attentive Coaches
    Inspire your students with the help of virtual coaches who guide them through their training.
  • Kudos for Accuracy
    Watch your students aim for perfection so they can unlock golden icons for each of their activities.
  • Custom Certificate
    Give each student a magnificent certificate in recognition of their successful completion of the Final Test.

Colorful Badges

Cheer on your students with 54 badges designed to foster their perseverance and encourage them to reach higher goals.

Advanced Statistics Report

View the students’ logs to assess their performance and watch the video replays to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Choose a grading system and generate report cards directly from the statistics report.

From School to School District

Effortlessly manage one or several schools from a single account. Use our smart system for importing lists to create and update multiple accounts at a time.

Use Excel and CSV Formats

to import and export your data.

Privacy Guaranteed

We want to make our web-based application a safe learning environment for your students. Therefore, we make every effort to comply with the most established standards for safeguarding personal information.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Student Online Personal Information Protection Act

Student Online Personal Information Protection Act

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

Children's Internet Protection Act

Children's Internet Protection Act

California Assembly Bill 1584

California Assembly Bill 1584

Student Privacy Pledge

Student Privacy Pledge

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