Playing is a great way to learn! Typing Pal’s games offer your students playful and varied learning activities to improve their typing skills by targeting different areas of the keyboard.

Accessing the Games

Students access the games from their Move on tab by clicking the Games link.

Monkeys in Jeopardy

Scenario: A violent storm is raging in the forest. Carried away by the gusts of wind, the monkeys are falling into the river. Only a vine propelled by correctly typed characters can bring them back to shelter.

Cosmik Ball

Scenario: A cosmic ball on the verge of explosion threatens the galaxy. A space octopus is tasked with keeping the ball captive with its pulsing laser tentacles. Typing the right character activates the shield and stops the ball.

Characters to Type

Students can choose between five game modes, each targeting one or more rows of keyboard characters. In this way, they vary the challenges they face and can perfect certain areas of the keyboard.

Difficulty Levels

Students can choose between three difficulty levels, each presenting a different challenge:

  • Beginner— The speed barely increases, but then again the points accumulate slowly.
  • Intermediate — The speed increases gradually and the points accumulate normally.
  • Expert — The speed increases rapidly, but the points accumulate quickly too.

Top Players

Each game mode displays the student’s standing, along with the names of the ten students who recorded the highest scores.

Granting Access to the Games

By default, when a new group is created, all of its students have access to the games.

Disable this option for existing groups by unchecking the option Allow students to access games in the group’s Configuration panel.