Certificate of Achievement


When a student passes the Final Test, Typing Pal automatically generates a personalized certificate of achievement that displays their final speed and accuracy score.

Note — If a student completes the test multiple times, the certificate of achievement will only display their best score.


A symbol of success and a source of pride, the certificate can be downloaded by students or teachers.

Student download

When a student passes the Final Test, the certificate’s icon is activated and turns to color. The student just has to click it to download the PDF of the certificate.

Teacher Download

To bulk download the certificates for all the students in a group who passed the Final Test:

  1. Go to the Group Summary page.
  2. Click Actions and select Get certificates.
  3. Click Confirm and find the PDF in your Downloads folder.

To download the certificate of a particular student:

  1. Go to the Student Summary page.
  2. Click Actions and then select Get certificate.