Recommended Configuration


Operating System

Windows, macOS, Chrome OS (Chromebook) or iPadOS (iPad with external keyboard)


Google Chrome, Safari, Edge
or Firefox

Internet Connection

High-speed Internet access is required

We recommend you install the latest version of your browser to experience Typing Pal at its best. A physical keyboard (wireless or wired with an adapter) is required to use Typing Pal on an iPad. Typing Pal may work in other environments: check for compatibility by using the free trial version before purchasing.


Language of activities: French

  • AZERTY keyboard — French
  • AZERTY keyboard — Belgian
  • QWERTY keyboard — Canadian Multilingual Standard
  • QWERTY keyboard — Canadian French
  • QWERTZ keyboard — Swiss French

Language of activities: English

  • QWERTY keyboard — U.S.
  • QWERTY keyboard — British
  • QWERTY keyboard — Canadian Multilingual Standard