Logging In

This chapter explains how to log in to Typing Pal, which is the first step required to manage accounts or begin training.

  • Login Page
    • Access from a direct URL — Use the direct URL set up for the school (the custom URL) or the subscription (the subscription URL) to access your login page.
    • Access from the homepage — Go to Typing Pal’s School Edition homepage school.typingpal.com to access your login page if you’ve lost the direct URL.
  • Authentication
  • Custom URL
    • Edit your school’s custom URL so it closely reflects the name of your institution.
  • Codes
    • Signup Code— Use this code to allow students to self-register and create their own accounts, provided groups and teacher accounts have already been created.
    • Subscription Code — Retain this code if you are the super administrator, as it serves as a username for your account and as a subscription ID.
    • School Code —Please note that the School Code has been replaced by the custom URL, should you still use it to identify your school.
  • Sharing Login Information
    • Sending Login Information to School Administrators — Email login information to school administrators, if you are the super administrator.
    • Sending Login Information to Teachers — Email login information to teachers, if you are the super administrator or a school administrator.
    • Downloading Student Login Information — Download students’ login information to share it with them in class.
  • Log In as a Student
    • Log in as a student to validate, from the student’s point of view, any changes made to activities or group settings.