User Guide for School Edition

This user guide is intended for administrators (responsible for the technical aspects of Typing Pal) as well as for teachers (responsible for overseeing its use). It explains how to create, manage and configure the different types of accounts (administrator, teacher, student). Explore the guide to discover all the features offered by Typing Pal, or consult it from time to time to find the answers to your questions.

First Steps

Start off on the right foot by following these steps:

  1. Take a look at our start-up guide for a brief overview of Typing Pal.
  2. Learn the basics of a sound typing method.
  3. Prepare a training plan.
  4. Create student accounts by choosing one of the following three methods that best suits your needs.
    • Account creation by import — Select this method if you want to create all the accounts and groups of a school at one time.
    • Manual addition — Select this method to add one student at a time.
    • Self-registration — Select this method if you already have your groups and you want your students to create their accounts on their own.

Refer to this user guide if you have any questions about Typing Pal’s various features.

First Peek

To introduce you to Typing Pal, we suggest you explore the program as though you were a student.

  1. Log in to your administrator or teacher account.
  2. Make sure you already have at least one group. If not, add one.
  3. Use the function Log in as a student to:
    • explore the learning environment and activities.
    • try your hand at a few typing activities.
    • try a game and navigate the student interface.

By familiarizing yourself with Typing Pal from the students’ point of view, you’ll be able to better guide them when giving your instructions.