Typing Pal’s four account types are described below, along with the privileges granted to each of the three management roles.

Super Administrator

The super administrator account manages the subscription, all the schools it covers and all associated accounts. It is also granted full management privileges. If the subscription covers multiple schools, the super administrator may decide to delegate the management of each school to one or more school administrators.

School Administrator

School administrator accounts are created and attributed to individual schools by the super administrator. They are inseparable from the school in the management structure. School administrators manage all accounts associated with their school, and are granted full management privileges for that school (and only that school).


Teacher accounts are created by the super administrator or a school administrator. They are attributed one or more groups to which student accounts have been assigned. Teachers are granted most of the management privileges for these groups, as well as for the associated student accounts. However, the super administrator or school administrator can restrict these privileges at the school level.


Student accounts can be created and assigned to groups by the super administrator or a school administrator. Teachers can also create and manage student accounts unless an administrator restricts their ability to do so at the school level. A few configuration options are available for student accounts, depending on the permissions granted by the teacher, school administrator or super administrator.

Management permissions according to account type

Privilege Super Administrator School Administrator 1 Teacher 2
Add and remove schools
Manage school settings
Add and remove school administrator accounts
Edit school administrator accounts
Add, remove and edit teacher accounts
Manage teacher account permissions
Add, remove and edit groups
Manage group settings
Add, remove and edit student accounts
Manage student account permissions
Add, remove and edit custom text collections
Reset student results

1  A school administrator’s privileges are limited to their assigned school.
2 Teacher’s privileges are all granted by default but can be revoked by an administrator.

Data Retention

Schools, teacher accounts and student accounts are deleted automatically two years after subscription expiry. Only the subscription manager’s information and business-related notes are archived, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
The super administrator can specify the amount of time after which accounts will be automatically deleted following subscription expiry, by going to the Subscription Summary and clicking Edit in the Data management panel, then changing the selection under Maximum duration of data retention and entering the number of days desired.