Typing Pal Features — School Edition

With its many training activities and management tools developed especially for teachers and school administrators, Typing Pal’s School Edition is the ultimate tool for teaching students to type. Discover all the features that have made this program a favourite of schools worldwide!

More than 700 Training Activities

  • Close to 100 exercises to learn how to type using all your fingers.
  • A smart algorithm that creates customized activities by targeting the keys or fingers that need improvement in terms of speed or accuracy.
  • Thirty exercises to develop reflexes by typing frequent character sequences such as -ness, -ing, or -ion that form the endings of many words.
  • Three collections of 200 training texts offering content that is adapted to the 6-11 years, 12-16 years or 17 and older age groups.
  • The option to create collections of training texts in order to add original customized content.
  • A video providing advice on ergonomics and information on acquiring good work habits.
  • An initial test that serves as a benchmark for evaluating progress.
  • Tests to help improve speed and accuracy.
  • Final tests, often in the form of timed tests, for overall evaluations of speed and accuracy.
  • The program is also available in French as a subscription to Tap’Touche – Édition Scolaire.

Educational Games

  • Two educational games to have fun while learning to type faster.
  • The option to set the difficulty level, for those who want a challenge.
  • The option to target specific keys (the top row, numbers…) in every game.
  • Rankings for games and specific characters that encourage students to outdo themselves.

Various Stimulating Sources of Motivation

  • Sixty-four badges to encourage students to persevere and to explore all the application’s features.
  • A certificate of achievement attesting that the student has completed the training program.
  • Golden stars on the activity icons to indicate that have been completed with a perfect score.
  • Achievement level, represented as a percentage, based on the number of completed activities and the scores achieved.
  • Personal best indicator.
  • Virtual coaches guide students in their training with recommendations and personalized encouragement.
  • Visual feedback during the activity indicates whether the student’s speed and accuracy are below targets.
  • A notification system that announces when a badge has been obtained.
  • Optional audio feedback indicates whether a student has successfully completed or failed an activity.

Simple and Powerful Management Tools

  • Three types of administrator to make managing a school subscription easier: the super administrator manages the subscription and the schools linked to it, the school administrators manage their own schools and the teachers manage the groups of students.
  • The option for the super administrator to delegate local management to school administrators.
  • Powerful management tools to bulk create, update, edit and move accounts.
  • An advanced import and export system for account lists in Excel or CSV.
  • The option to link an official ID, such as a student code, to each student account in order to improve the interoperability of account lists.
  • Search, filter and sort functions to find or classify accounts.
  • The option to set speed and accuracy targets for individual student accounts or for the group as a whole.
  • The option to sort students based on the number of completed activities.
  • The option to automatically delete inactive accounts after a year.
  • A feature to email administrators and teachers their login information and the link to create their password.
  • A feature to export login information to students, including temporary passwords.
  • The option for administrators and teachers to log in as students without having to close their session.
  • A tool to move student accounts from one group to another or from one school to another within a single subscription.
  • The option for the administrators of an expired subscription to erase or export student data using the management tools.
  • The option for the super administrator to create school files when a subscription includes all of a school board’s institutions.
  • The option for administrators to change a teacher’s permissions so that they can access all the groups in a school.
  • The option to write a personalized message to welcome students or to give instructions on their home screen.
  • A dashboard that displays a student’s current activity.
  • The option to bulk export students’ certificates of achievement.
  • An integrated assistance form to facilitate account verification and access to customer service.
  • The option to block access to certain activities, especially games, to direct students’ work.
  • The option to block the use of avatars.

Complete Statistics

  • Complete statistical reports to assess a student’s performance and the time dedicated to training.
  • A tool to export a student’s average or their detailed results in Excel or CSV.
  • An overview of results that can be accessed from the student’s Achievements panel with a single click.
  • The attendance calendar shows a student’s diligence over the past 12 months.
  • Reports on the accuracy and speed of each finger.
  • The option to view video replay for every completed activity.
  • The choice between two units of measure for speed: words per minute or characters per minute.
  • A customizable grading system based on the needs of the teacher or the requirement of the report card.
  • Options to display the accuracy percentage, the number of mistakes and the speed in real time to the right of the typing area.
  • Reset options to delete results for all activities or for certain categories of activity: exercises, test, texts, games or partially completed activities.

A Clear and Intuitive Interface

  • A modern and intuitive interface that can be mastered in a few minutes.
  • The choice of light or dark mode based on your preferences or your system settings.
  • The choice of 109 avatars from three collections: fun creatures, neutral photos or colorful portraits.
  • The choice of 4 fonts to help students who have trouble distinguishing between characters, such as those with dyslexia.
  • Icons that clearly convey the nature and status of training activities.
  • The option to briefly display typing mistakes.
  • The choice of the location of the typing area: directly in the text or below it.
  • An animation zone under the typing area that encourages students to look at the screen instead of the keyboard when typing.
  • Options to mask the animation zone or to customize it with entertaining animations or a keyboard viewer.
  • The keyboard viewer includes animated hands to guide the fingers when a hesitation is detected during an exercise.
  • Options to display the elapsed time and progress in real time to the right of the typing area.
  • The option to show mistakes in the text with an underscore.
  • A tool to help students choose the keyboard configuration that corresponds to their keyboard.
  • A home screen that suggests activities to undertake.
  • The option to navigate using the keys and not the mouse, thus maintaining the position of the hands.

Easy Online Access

  • Four of the most popular sign-on methods: Google, Clever, Office 365 and Apple.
  • An online application that can be accessed from a compatible device (PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad) that is connected to the Internet. (See System Requirements.)

Strong Security Measures

  • A privacy policy and practices that meet the highest standards regarding the security of personal information. (See Privacy Policy).
  • Secure methods for password sharing, setup and reset.
  • A strength indicator that shows the strength of the password chosen by the student.
  • The option to log out of Typing Pal and Google or Office 365 at the same time to avoid leaving a session open.
  • The option for administrators to force all of a school’s users to log out of Typing Pal and Google or Office 365 at the same time to avoid leaving a session open.
  • Use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to set up an encrypted connection that ensures privacy and the protection of transferred data.
  • Data storage on firewall-protected servers located in a secure environment to prevent unauthorized access.
  • A function that allows students who cannot reset their password (if the school blocks emails from external domains) to contact their teacher so that the teacher can send them a temporary password.

Rich and Varied Documentation

  • A clear online user guide to answer any questions students might have.
  • A startup guide for teachers to help them master Typing Pal quickly.
  • Pedagogical activity sheets with worksheets for planning training activities
  • A full list of new features to discover newly available functions.
  • An FAQ section to answer the most commonly asked questions.
  • A detailed article explaining the correct typing method.
  • An article explaining the importance of accuracy, and why it is given precedence over speed in our typing training program.
  • An article to help guide the choice of a target speed.
  • Recommendations for training planning.
  • An article detailing the options for customizing a learning program.
  • A blog that regularly posts tips and news relating to Typing Pal, as well as interesting articles relating to keyboards and typing.
  • A letter template to explain Typing Pal to parents.
  • A reference sheet explaining the legend.
  • Self-evaluation forms to enrich and record the student’s evaluation.
  • A review of the scientific literature on the best time to start the training program and the benefits of a proper typing technique.