This chapter focuses on the tools you can use to diagnose your students’ difficulties during the course, grade the students and view statistical reports.

  • Video Replay
    • Video Replay—Use the Video Replay feature to review a recorded activity from beginning to end.
    • Authorizing Access to Video Replay—Determine whether students will have access or not to the video replay of their completed activities.
  • Grading
    • Including Grades in Statistical Reports—Include grades in the statistical reports based on your students’ performance.
    • Default Values—Consult the table of default values for grades according to the learning environments.
  • Statistical Reports
    • Criteria for Calculating Averages—Learn how the data selection settings are used for calculating averages.
    • Reports for a School, Group, or Teacher—Manage your statistical reports by targeting the right set of student accounts.
    • Detailed Results—View the detailed results for a particular student.
    • Displaying the Measure Unit of the Results—Display the results in Words per minute or in Characters per minute.
    • Parent Reports—Generate a report for parents to share data on their child’s engagement and performance.
  • Certificate of achievement
    • Requirements—Learn how students can obtain their prestigious personalized certificate of achievement.
    • Download—Learn how you and your students can download the certificate of achievement.
  • Delete Results
    • Bulk delete results for all activities or only for certain specific categories, and for all students in a group or only selected accounts
    • Delete a specific result from a student’s log.