This chapter covers the various training activities.

  • Targets
    • Speed Measurement Unit — Set the speed measurement unit to either words per minute or characters per minute.
    • Targets — Determine and set your speed and accuracy targets.
  • Preparation
    • Essential Tips — Watch a short video on the seven principles for learning to type successfully and effectively.
    • Initial Test — Take the initial test to set a benchmark for your progress. This test is optional.
  • Training Activities
    • Exercises — Learn how exercises are designed.
    • Improvement Activities — Learn how improvement activities will help you improve.
    • Texts — Learn how to practice typing in realistic settings.
    • Tests — Learn how the tests are designed.
  • Games
    • Cosmik Ball — Discover this game, where you have to type single characters on command to keep an explosive cosmic ball captive.
    • Monkeys in Jeopardy — Take a peek at this game, where you have to type sequences of characters and single words to extend life-saving vines to monkeys threatened by a storm.
    • Magical Duel Become bewitched by this strategic game in which you cast spells by correctly typing phrases of varying lengths to free the enchanted subjects of a magical realm.
    • Difficulty Levels — Select the difficulty level that will challenge you the most constructively.
    • High Scores — Check out the different high score rankings to see how you measure up against other family members, if applicable.