Imitation Game


Make students aware of good ergonomic habits.


15 minutes

Materials required

  • Worksheet no. 1
  • Approximately 15 dice


Familiarize yourself with the advice on ergonomics in the Typing Method article.

Activity plan

  1. Explain the principles of ergonomics to your class.
  2. Split your group into teams of two (student A and student B).
  3. Give each team a die and a copy of Worksheet no. 1.
  4. Student A begins by throwing the die. The number shown on the die is the number of bad ergonomic habits that the student must secretly choose from Worksheet no. 1. The student then pretends to type on a keyboard, adopting all the bad habits chosen from the list.
  5. Student B must spot all the bad habits that student A is demonstrating and check them off in the first column of the table on Worksheet no. 1.
  6. Once student B is confident of having spotted all the bad habits, the two students compare answers.
  7. The students then switch roles and continue the activity in the same way, completing the rest of the columns in the table. The activity is finished when each student has played the role of student A and B twice.