Test your students’ visual memory and keyboard recognition.


25 minutes

Materials required

  • Worsheet no. 5
  • Worsheet no. 6
  • Bag, hat, or bowl for the draw


To complete this activity, students must be familiar with the position of the keys on the keyboard.


Print Worksheet no. 6 and cut out each of the letters. Place all the letters in a bag, hat, or bowl for the draw.

Activity plan

This activity follows the same principles as a conventional bingo game.

  1. Give a copy of Worksheet no. 5 to each of your students.
  2. Tell them that to call “bingo,” they must correctly complete at least one row of keyboard letters.
  3. Begin the activity by drawing the first letter at random and reading it out. The students must write the letter on the correct key of the keyboard image on their worksheets.
  4. Continue to draw letters at random and read them out until one of the students calls “bingo” upon completing a row. Check that the student’s sheet is correctly completed before confirming the win. If the row has not been properly completed, ask the student to sit back down. Warn students that they cannot call “bingo” until you have drawn a new letter.
  5. The winning student can come to the front to draw the letters until a new winner takes over.


You can make the activity more difficult by asking students to complete all the letters typed with the left hand or the right hand before calling “bingo.”