Improvements 2020

Top Improvements

It’s less than two months until we launch our yearly update to Typing Pal, and we’ve focused almost all of our efforts on developing ways to motivate your students even more! Here are the main new features.

New Home Screen

Your students will soon be greeted with a dynamic screen including tiles that update to reflect their progress. For example, once they’ve studied the tips and completed the initial test, the corresponding tiles become Exercises and Texts tiles. As well as offering shortcuts, these tiles indicate the number of activities completed, giving students an overview of their progress.

More Attentive Coaches

They’re more instructive, too! The coaches are characters chosen by your students to guide them through their training. Now, they offer more than just encouragement. They look at the progress made and offer targeted recommendations on which parts of Typing Pal’s pedagogical program to pursue next. For example, a coach may look at a student’s progress and suggest some improvement activities.

Kudos for Record-breaking

To help motivate students to redo exercises and texts, their best results in terms of both speed and accuracy appear in the targets panel just before the beginning of the activity. If they manage to beat one of these results, they get a gold medal.

20 New Badges

There are already fifty badges to collect in Typing Pal, rewarding students for their achievements and encouraging them to persevere. Five new badges for attendance are awarded on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Six new badges are awarded for sticking to improvement activities, and nine more for those keyboard aces who complete a number of exercises and texts with 100% accuracy.

Audio Feedback

We have also added sounds. After each activity, a sound effect lets students know if they have reached their goal or not. Whenever an improvement activity is passed or a record is smashed, another distinctive sound is used for celebration. And don’t worry if you prefer a quiet working environment – audio feedback can easily be disabled in the settings.

Visual Feedback

With your permission, Typing Pal shows speed and accuracy statistics as students complete an exercise or type a text.This has been the case for years, but now the statistics change color, allowing your students to see in real time whether they are reaching their speed and accuracy targets. This visual feedback will help students focus their efforts.

Better Progress Tracking

Before, you could easily see how many activities your students still had to complete, but it was harder to identify the activities themselves. Thanks to two new tabs in the student’s file, Exercises and Texts, you no longer need to analyze the log to get this information. Each of these tabs displays the full list of activities as icons. You even have access to the step-by-step progress chart.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a display mode that prioritizes dark shades, emitting less blue light than traditional light display modes. Using it reduces screen glare and the mental fatigue that comes with it. What’s more some visually impaired students can read white text on a black background more easily than black text on a white background.