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Typing Pal: 3 Hidden Functions

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Do you use Typing Pal regularly and think you know all its secrets? Even functions that aren’t visible in the interface? If you’d like to be sure, check out these three tips that will get you into the inner circle (if you aren’t already there).

Starting an Exercise Without Using the Mouse

Keyboard shortcuts exist to keep your fingers on the keyboard just before an activity begins. In the window that presents the objectives and finger placements at the beginning of an exercise, use the Enter key or the key presented in the tutorial ( in the example below) to go to the next screen instead of clicking Next.

Avoiding the use of the mouse allows you to correctly position your fingers even before beginning an activity and to gain efficiency by developing new skills with keyboard shortcuts.

Changing the Progress Display

The progress indicator allows you to see the length of the activity and its degree of completion, all while you type. To change the display, repeatedly click on the indicator while performing an activity. The following exercises will now show the view you have selected.

Progress Indicator Interface
Progress bar
Number of characters typed
Number of remaining characters

Zooming In and Out

If the font size is not optimal for your reading, you can change the zoom of the browser window where you do your Typing Pal activity. Here are the keyboard shortcuts to use.

Zoom Windows, Linux et Google Chrome OS macOS
Expand + +
Reduce + +

You may have to zoom in several times to get to a view you like. If you want to give the characters all the space, you can remove the animation and stats from the Options menu just above the characters.

Zoom at 100%

Zoom at 100%

Zoom at 175%

Zoom at 175%

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