The Perfect Pal for Homeschooling

Typing Pal is a simple and efficient web-based program to help your children learn to touch type at full speed. Add this typing program to your homeschooling schedule and they will quickly learn or perfect their keyboarding technique.

Why should you use Typing Pal?

Touch typing is a fundamental
skill for your children.

Computer literacy is a must. Prepare your children for whatever educational or professional path they may choose. Plus, having good typing skills can help them in their other subjects.

Typing Pal is ready to go,
so you can too.

Your children are self-sufficient: the program is packed with activities and it adapts to their progress. That means more time for you! You can follow your children’s activity, but you don’t have to plan the next lesson.

It’s educational…
and really fun!

With games, challenges and a playful environment, Typing Pal is far from boring. You can use it as a reward for your children or as a break from their other classes.

For All Grades

From youngest to oldest: three different learning environments offer animations and practice texts perfectly suited to all. The characters are coaches to guide your children through their training, offering encouragement and targeted recommendations based on their progress.

A Comprehensive Lesson Plan

  • Hundreds of activities
    including touch typing exercises, practice texts and assessments.
  • Tailored to each user’s progress
    thanks to a powerful algorithm focusing on the most problematic keys.

Key Features

Smart typing games

to practice different areas of the keyboard and have fun at the same time.

Easy management tools

with activity journal, family supervision and no email required for young users.

Detailed statistics

to follow progress in accuracy, speed, attendance and achievements.

Colorful badges

designed to encourage your children to persevere and to reach higher goals.

Simple online access

on Windows, Chromebook, Mac and iPad.

Recommended Configuration

Strong privacy and security

practices designed for safeguarding personal information. Ad-free.

Home Edition


3 users included

1 parent/teacher
2 children
US$15.00 per additional user