Tips - March 1, 2018 - 0 minutes

How to Improve Efficiency With Keyboard Shortcuts

School Edition

Your students can improve their efficiency by using several keyboard shortcuts, thereby allowing their fingers to remain on the keyboard before the activity starts.

When the window displaying the activity targets and the tutorial pops up at the beginning of an activity, students can scroll through the instructions by using the , tab or keys instead of clicking Next. For the Previous button, use the key or the tab + key combination.

When the tutorial is showing the best way to type a character, students can just press the corresponding key to move on to the next instruction.

Lastly, the esc key closes a pop-up window or pauses an activity in progress.

By not using the mouse, students have time to position their fingers properly before the activity starts. This means that they keep their hands on the keyboard for longer, helping them develop new keyboarding skills and become more efficient.

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