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Typing Pal offers two games for training while having fun. The change in environment and type of character interaction is refreshing, perfect for breaking up routine or taking a break. Best of all, games allow you to target specific rows of the keyboard, a type of exercise that is unique to them.

Introducing the games

Cosmik Ball

A cosmic ball on the verge of explosion threatens the galaxy. A space octopus is tasked with keeping the ball captive with its pulsing laser tentacles. Typing the right character activates the shield and stops the ball.

This game requires you to type one character at a time and the display lets you anticipate your next keystrokes, making it ideal for younger kids.

Monkeys in Jeopardy

A violent storm is raging in the forest. Carried away by gusts of wind, the monkeys are falling into the river. Only a vine propelled by correctly typed characters can bring them back to shelter.

This game uses series of characters or words. People who have developed good drill skills will be able to test them by typing words at high speed.

Playing is serious business

The fun aspect of these two games does not detract from the quality of the exercise. By the way, this is the only way to practice with just one row of the keyboard. For example, playing Cosmik Ball with the middle row is a great way to strengthen your basic position. Or, target the top row to practice typing numbers while playing Monkeys in Jeopardy.

The games offer three levels of difficulty, each offering a specific challenge:

  • Beginner — The speed barely increases, but the points accumulate slowly.
  • Intermediate — The speed increases gradually and the points accumulate normally.
  • Expert — The speed increases rapidly, but the points accumulate quickly, too.

And like any self-respecting game, the scores are displayed in a ranking list. 🏆 In addition, these activities allow you to earn badges dedicated to them.

In closing, a tip for use at school: if your students like to practice with games too much, you have the option of restricting access to them. But don’t forget to allow them every now and then, so the keyboard aces can get all the badges!

To play as the space octopus or save the primates from the river, click on the Move on tab and then on the Games link. As of the writing of this blog, the records to break since this summer are 25,410 points for Cosmik Ball and 2526 points for Monkeys in Jeopardy. Who will break them?

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