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A Playful Exploration of the Keyboard for Elementary Students — Three Motivational Classroom Activities

School Edition

It’s no secret. Knowing how to type is an essential skill in today’s world. Your students are pros at tapping away on their smartphones, but are they just as sure-handed on a keyboard? The key to helping them develop their typing technique is regular practice in the classroom.

So how do you keep your students motivated throughout the year? By making learning into a game! We have created a wide variety of free worksheets that are perfect for motivating your students!

Here are just a few:

  1. Imitation Game: Your students become detectives who need to spot the incorrect positions adopted by their classmates. Perfect for practicing basic ergonomic principles!
  2. Bingo: A classic reinvented! Let your students place the letters picked at random on their Hidden Keys worksheet. The first player to complete a row of characters wins the game.
  3. Keyboard Relay: A real race against time between two teams. Which one will be the first to type out the text on the blackboard without making a mistake?

Take a look at our other free worksheets here.

Happy training!

Learn to type faster!